22 Clinical Laboratory Technician Jobs in Manila - Philippines

22 Clinical Laboratory Technician Jobs in Manila


Our Client which is an international company looking for Clinical Laboratory Technicians who will be based in Philippines.

Job Reference number: Philippines -7854- 78


The Diagnostic Centre is seeking Clinical Laboratory Technicians to process patient samples for molecular analysis and reporting. This includes reviewing appropriateness and accuracy of molecular testing requests, DNA extraction of EDTA Blood samples, Bone Marrow samples and Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded tissue samples for analysis on various molecular platforms in the clinical laboratory. The Technician performs standard laboratory procedures requiring the limited exercise of independent judgment and interpretation. Works under the direct supervision of the clinical laboratory technologist, laboratory Supervisor or manager of the clinical laboratory.


Clinical Laboratory Technician Job Description

Under direct supervision of a clinical laboratory technologist, supervisor or director, as appropriate, with limited exercise of independent judgment, performs clinical laboratory procedures and examinations. The following are typical tasks of Assignment Level II:

Clinical Laboratory Technician
Clinical Laboratory Technician

Examples of Typical Tasks:

  1. Obtains, collects, and accessions specimens and labels with name, date, and source. Stores and preserves specimens and disposes of completed specimens.


  1. Prepares specimens and performs or assists in the performance of routine tests and analyses, employing standard controls in accordance with stipulated procedures utilizing manual or automated techniques.


  1. Prepares reagents and media according to prescribed formula. Maintains upkeep of designated laboratory instruments before and after usage.


  1. Records results and submits reports of diagnostic tests, utilizing safeguards such as delta checks and quality control.
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  1. May assign work to those in Assignment Level I, and train them in laboratory procedures at the technician level, reviewing their work as required.


  1. Sets up standard controls and calibrations for equipment and tests as required; prepares packages, labels, and standardizes laboratory reagents and media.


  1. Supervises the maintenance or maintains upkeep of designated laboratory instruments before and after usage, including minor repairs and adjustments; maintains inventory of laboratory supplies and equipment, oversees storage and security of same.


  1. Performs tests employing standard controls in accordance with stipulated procedures, utilizing manual or automated techniques; analyses and records results and submits reports.



Minimum Qualifications


VaIid certification as a clinical laboratory technician






  • Receive all incoming laboratory phone calls from outside the hospital as well as


  • within the campus.


  • Refer technical questions to the qualified staff (supervisor, technologist, etc.)


  • Maintain contact with operating rooms, patient care areas, and other departments.


  • Receive and dispense information and blood products using the pneumatic tube stations.




  1. Clerical:



  • Discard outdated blood requests according to protocol.



  • File patient result reports.


  • Help maintain off site record storage.


  • Convert to manual procedures during computer downtime.




  1. Blood Inventory


  • Enter and label blood / and blood components, from outside sources, into the


  • computer and place into stock.


  • Assist in conducting inventory of all in-house products.


  • Discard any products that do not meet expiration, appearance,
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  • or re-issue standards.


  • Perform thawing, irradiating and selection of products according to set guidelines.



  1. Receiving specimens and product requests


  • Evaluate integrity of specimens and validity of product requests


  • Ensure proper patient/component identification prior to logging in the


  • specimens and requests in the computer.


  • Spin specimen after it is logged in to separate plasma from RBC


  1. Dispensing blood and blood products


  • Ensure proper patient/component identification prior to the release of the


  • product from the blood bank


  • Ensure that special needs of a patient have been met, such as irradiation, filters, and


  • warnings of antibodies.


  • Visibly check the quality of the product prior to issue (color, turbidity, clotting, etc.).


  • Update the status of the dispensed product in the computer.




High School Diploma but Associate's Degree will be preferred


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