42 Compliance Officer jobs in Guangzhou - China

Compliance Officer jobs in Guangzhou

Our Client which is an international company looking for Compliance Officers who will be based in China.

Job Reference number: China -6663- 21


Compliance Officer Job Information


The company is looking for experienced Compliance Officers to join Compliance Team!  The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing, implement and administrating an effective Compliance Management Program.  The program enables the bank to achieve ongoing compliance with applicable banking laws, rules and regulations promulgated by various regulatory agencies.


Minimum Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • Strong understanding of banking laws and regulations with applied experience in bank compliance.
  • Ability to independently conduct research on consumer and banking regulatory laws and regulations and provide interpretations or clarifications to compliance and business management
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Verifies monthly CRA/HMDA and other lending data to original source information.
  • Plans, coordinates and conducts compliance monitoring and internal reviews
  • High degree of initiative and organizational skills to work independently in an efficient manner
  • Analytical skills, including Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables
  • Project management skills.


Education and Experience:


  • Minimum of 2-5 years of banking compliance experience
  • Strong computer aptitude with particular emphasis on spreadsheet programs and database management.


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