42 Elementary School Teacher Jobs In Osaka - Japan

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42 Elementary School Teacher Jobs In Osaka

Our Client which is an international company looking for Elementary School Teachers who will be based in Japan.

Job Reference number: Japan -4544- 23


Elementary School Teacher Job Description

Elementary school teachers instruct students in multiple subjects, such as reading, writing, English, science, math and social studies. These educators generally teach kindergarten through fifth grade. In some schools, however, they may teach other grade levels, such as pre-kindergarten and sixth grade. They plan lessons, deliver instruction, assess students on an on-going basis and evaluate student progress compared to state standards. Working with children on a daily basis can be frustrating but watching their academic progress can be quite rewarding.

When employed by public schools, these professionals are required to have a bachelor's degree and a certificate or license issued by the state where they work. Private school teachers may not need a license, though they'll likely still need a degree. The following table contains essential requirements for public school teachers:


Elementary School Teacher Career Requirements

Degree Level     Bachelor's degree

Degree Field      Education; Elementary Education

Experience         Entry level but most employers prefer some experience

Certification       Must have certification in elementary education or education

Key Skills              Nurturing nature, patience, creativity, compassion, educational software, Microsoft Office, graphics programs, spreadsheet software, instructional skills, classroom management and organization skills



Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education


Master's Degree in Education


Elementary School Teacher Duties

Most elementary school teachers are in charge of a single classroom of students who are all in the same grade. Accordingly, elementary school teachers typically instruct students in a variety of subjects, from language arts to social studies. While they still deliver formal lessons, elementary school teachers often use games, crafts and other entertaining activities to help students learn material.

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Required Skills


Elementary school teachers are often required to know how to encourage and communicate well with young children in order to help them develop in their earliest academic years. Since school children learn intellectually and behaviorally at their own pace, a high level of patience is needed for the job. Teachers may be required to communicate with parents on a regular basis. This may include phoning parents about specific issues or giving progress updates through report cards.


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