64 Nurse Jobs Salary 3200 USD to 6500 USD Per Month – jobs in PERU - Job ID - 5614

Nurse Jobs for Patient care & Nursing – Salary 3200 USD to 6500 USD Per Month!

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Job Summary

We are looking for highly qualified professional nurses to join our exceptional nursing team. Our mission is to continually support our staff with our ongoing mentoring program, a service we provide to all nurses in our employ. You will have a direct point person for questions and concerns, both as a new hire and throughout your time with the hospital. By treating every one of our staff with the utmost respect and working alongside each team member, we are able to help our nurses avoid job burnout and instead feel that they are part of a caring family that has their best interests at heart. Join a team that understands the hardworking nature of the nursing profession, and begin a career that you will continue to enjoy every day.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide direct care to patients under limited supervision, including both the physical and psycho-social needs of patients in custody.


  • Monitor patients while in treatment to ensure ongoing stability and to swiftly address any complications as they arise.


  • Document patient vitals and health history, maintaining accurate records; ask pertinent questions and provide patient with knowledgeable feedback.


  • Communicate with doctor on duty to provide comprehensive and focused care. Together with the doctor, create medical care plan for each individual patient.


  • Ensure medical equipment is working properly, and alert staff regarding any equipment malfunction. Maintain thorough knowledge of equipment in order to treat patients effectively.


  • Assist the patient during examinations or procedures, either alongside the physician or in a nursing-specific capacity.


  • Participate in re-certification as needed as well as continued education and self-driven learning objectives; participate in training sessions.


  • Maintain professional standards of service to ensure appropriate level of care for each patient. Alert supervisor regarding any suspected unprofessional in the workplace.



Job Skills & Qualifications

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