74 Journalism Jobs Salary 5500 USD – 6500 USD PER MONTH, jobs in Chula Vista, UNITED STATES - Job ID - 4027

Journalism Jobs in Go Break News Media Salary 5500 USD – 6500 USD PER MONTH, Jobs in Your city – USA News reporters proudly work for us!


Work as News Reporter in your city – Get Press Card Work as Journalist, Journalism Jobs near me and You, Get hired as Hiring started today! We provide you Press Pass and much more than any other media outlet – apply now and join today!

GO BREAK NEWS Inc is launching a global news bureau in your city. To start, we’ll be operating as a small, tight-knit team of people who thrive on taking on new challenges, jumping on the biggest news of the day, and building a new operation from the ground up. If you’re a diehard news junkie and social media obsessive,

You could be the perfect fit for the breaking news reporter position in this bureau. As stage one of our expansion.

We’re looking to hire a team of reporters to cover stories focused on US news, UK news, EU news, and news that impact a US, UK, EU audience. Reporters in this role can also expect their coverage to branch out to cover more regional and international stories.

On a daily basis, breaking news reporters are responsible for following world events and reporting on them in real-time across multiple social media platforms and on our website. They are also responsible for contributing original reporting on news events. That means one day, you could be following the updates on the latest happenings.

Next, you’d be reporting on the latest debate in politics or Sports or the most recent drama in the city.

The ideal breaking news reporter for this bureau:

  • Is an excellent storyteller — good at taking complex current events and presenting them in a compelling and relatable way • Interprets news quickly and writes at lightning speed • Produces clean, clear copy • Knows how to advance a story • Has 2-5 years experience working in a fast-paced newsroom • Is interested in working on creative news initiatives and potentially medium and long-term reporting projects.

This is a full-time role. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to jump into a fast-paced reporting role thrives in small teams and under pressure, and isn’t afraid to take on big or unexpected assignments.

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