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Chief Operating Officer job open in Johannesburg, Salary R142000 - R160 000 Per Month

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Chief Operating Officer

Johannesburg, Salary R142000 - R160 000 Per Month - Job Type: Permanent - Sector: IT

Job Reference number :19777

Our Client which is a international company Looking for Chief Operating Officer (COO) who will be based in South Africa!


Job Details

Position Summary:

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) coordinates the development of the operational program to support Company technology mission and strategic plan; assesses budgets and advises on allocation of resources in accordance with that plan while establishing goals and measures of success; and, advises the Board on the formulation, review, implementation and administration of, and compliance with, organizational policies, standards and processes.




Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

* Coordinates and administers operations activities (business administration, procurement and subcontracts, public relations, financial activities, project management, human resources, facilities management, chief information officer and information management, EH&S and quality assurance) to further attainment of goals, objectives and performance expectations.

* Participates in developing long range performance plans, milestones, goals and objectives. Promotes integrated planning across laboratory operations; establishes goals and measures of success in meeting goals, objectives, and milestones; identifies and prioritizes needs and assures a balanced allocation of supporting resources.

* Develops and proposes plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to support the science mission. Reviews and analyzes activities, costs, operations, and forecast data to determine department or directorate progress toward stated goals and objectives. Recommends to the Board corrective action plans for shortfalls in operational performance or goal achievement.

* Provide leadership in achieving the BEEO goals

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Position Requirements

- Advanced degree (master's level or above or equivalent qualifications) and substantial professional experience managing technical operations support efforts in complex, state-of-the-art scientific/technical facilities.

- Experience in making critical decisions and exploiting opportunities for efficient operations and in managing budgetary resources is required.

- Experience in managing and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships in a complex organization of internal and external contacts; and an understanding of sensitive interactions with the press and media, are required.

- Strong knowledge of relevant legal and statutory requirements.

- Demonstrated ability to foster a team oriented, collegial work environment is highly desirable.

Mental strenth Requirements

·Ability to comprehend, formulate, and communicate highly abstract concepts
·Ability to express or exchange complex ideas by means of spoken and written communication
·Capable of analytic and deductive reasoning
·Ability to organize, prioritize, lead, manage, and complete highly complex, long-range projects.

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