HR Partner – The Best Free HR CMS Software in the world to Download

HR Partner – The Best Free HR Software in the world to Download


HR Partner is a complete Free HR CMS system to make your job easier with The Most Comprehensive Free Accounting System, Discover features that will save you time & money!


Start with HR PARTNER SOFTWARE Free For 2 Years - Free Download & Free Licensee Keys For Two Years! When You get complete software free – why use nulled versions?


HR Partner – The Best Free HR Software provides you the features which No other software gives you; let’s make your HR job fun! You will love it!

Features of HR Partner – The Best Free HR Software in the world


  1. HR Management
  2. Employee Records
  3. Benefit Tracking
  4. Standard Reporting
  5. Document Storage
  6. Standard Access Levels
  7. Standard Workflows & Approvals
  8. Standard Email Alerts
  9. Employee Self-Service
  10. Time-Off Management
  11. Employee Directory & Org Chart
  12. Company Calendar
  13. Mobile App
  14. Single Sign-On
  15. Customer Support
  16. Email Support
  17. Customer Success Webinar Library
  18. Telephone Support
  19. Hiring & Onboarding
  20. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  21. Onboarding
  22. Offboarding
  23. Electronic Signature
  24. Training Tracking
  25. Advanced Components
  26. Advanced Reporting
  27. Tailored Workflows & Approvals
  28. Custom Access Levels
  29. Custom Email Alerts
  30. Custom Tabs & Fields
  31. Company Branding
  32. Audit Trail
  33. Integrations / Data Sharing
  34. HR Open API
  35. HR Marketplace
  36. Employee Satisfaction
  37. TRACK Payroll
  38. World-Class Integration
  39. Full-Service Tax Filing
  40. Comprehensive Reporting
  41. Employee Access
  42. Exceptional Customer Support
  43. Data Security
  44. End-of-Year Forms
  45. Time Tracking
  46. Daily Time Entry
  47. Employee Timesheets
  48. Automatic Reminders
  49. Approval Workflow
  50. Automatic Overtime Calculations
  51. Report for Payroll
  52. Performance Management
  53. Goals
  54. Peer Feedback
  55. Self/Manager Assessment
  56. Employee Performance Report
  57. Company Performance Report
  58. Employee Records
  59. Vacation & Leave
  60. Onboarding
  61. Recruitment
  62. Custom Forms
  63. Expense Claims
  64. Electronic Signatures
  65. Employee Portal
  66. Payroll & Other Integrations
  67. Manager Accounting


HR Partner is a complete HR system to make your job easier with The Most Comprehensive Free Accounting System, Discover features that will save you time & money!


 Detailed Features Explanation

Everything you need to manage your HR records and processes

A complete HR system to make your job easier

Here’s what you get when you sign up to HR Partner…

Employee Records

Our employee management software keeps your employee information in one safe, secure place.

  • Employee directory with contact details every one can access
  • Confidential storage of positions and remuneration, performance reviews, discussions, and grievances
  • Plus, leave records, asset tracking, training, skills, and a lot more


Employee Records

HR Partner makes record keeping a breeze. Finally, everything is in one secure place.

All Your Employee Records in One, Secure Place

One employee directory that your team can access from wherever they’re working.

Core Employee Records

Store all the employee information you need to stay on top of your HR.

  • Almost unlimited contact information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Position and salary history
  • History of absences & time off
  • Track company assets on loan to employees
  • Benefits and plans allocated to employees
  • Dependents
  • Prior education
  • File attachments (contracts, certificates, etc)
  • Grievances & complaints
  • Interviews / discussions
  • Performance reviews
  • Renewable documents (eg passports, licenses, etc)
  • Skills matrix
  • Training history
  • Free form notes

Leave Management

A leave management process that makes it easy for everyone.

  • Employees access their balances and apply for leave through the portal
  • Simple but flexible leave approvals (including multi-level approvals)
  • Use upfront or incremental leave accruals, resetting, waiting periods, and more options
  • Check the leave calendar to see who is away when - show by location, department, or the whole organization


Employee Leave & Absence Records

Get the complete view of each employee’s time off

  • See a complete history of each employee’s leave
  • Access leave balances quickly
  • A visual "heatmap" shows their time off by a day of the week
  • Use the calendar view for another way to analyze your employees’ time off

Employee Positions & Salaries

Track your employees as they progress over time

  • Control who has access to sensitive remuneration data
  • Upload contracts or position descriptions alongside these records
  • No need to go hunting for documents

But there are still more employee records features…

Employee Performance Reviews

Use HR Partner as the platform to plan and track employee performance reviews

  • Plan performance reviews ahead of time with reminders for managers
  • Keep a summary of the review in the record
  • Upload the actual performance review to keep on file
  • Control who can access performance reviews and other sensitive data


Internal Employee Notes

Keep track of all the informal discussions and notes for each employee.

  • Include as many file attachments as you like
  • Set reminders so that nothing gets forgotten
  • Choose which users get access to which information


Assets on Loan to Employees

Use HR Partner to keep track of any assets you loan your employees.

  • Track assets on loan such as phones, computers, uniforms, security cards, special equipment, and more
  • Easily transfer assets to other employees
  • Set reminders if they need to be updated or retrieved at a certain date


Employee Benefits & Plans

Record any benefits your employees receive so that everything is in one place.

  • Benefits can include health care, insurance plans, vehicle allowances, stock bonus schemes, study allowances, technology spend allowances, or anything else your organization offers
  • Record the value of benefits employees receive
  • Set reminders to ensure benefits stay active


Customizable for your Organization

HR Partner can be set up to suit your particular requirements…

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