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Salary 4800 GBP per Month , Devon, England Hospital Hiring Today.


Nurse practitioner Jobs in Devon, England Hospital near Me and You.


Queen Hospital In Devon, England Is Urgently Looking To Hire  Nurse practitioner And Senior Nurse Staff  in Critical Care Division, Salary 4800 GBP Per Month, Department: Nursing And Quality - Hiring Today and Employment opportunities are available for all the nurses and staff nurses who can join the job urgently.



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Nurse practitioner Job Description


Job Title:  Nurse practitioner

Devon, England

Division / Department: Nursing and Quality

Devon, England Hospital

Reports to: Ward Matron

Accountable to: Head of Nursing

Nurse practitioner Job Summary:

The post holder will work as part of a team to provide a safe, effective, efficient care environment for patients, relatives and careers. They will be responsible for the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes of care without direct supervision from senior staff. They are expected to be able to demonstrate procedures, mentor and supervise pre and post registration staff without direct supervision, leading the unit on a day to day basis in the absence of the Sister or Ward Matron.

  • Employees should honor the Trust’s Core Values by demonstrating appropriate behaviors and encouraging this in others.
  • Adhere to the NMC Code at all times
  • Employees should demonstrate commitment to quality patient care through effective leadership and team working


Nurse practitioner Main working relationships

  • Ward Sister/designated deputy
  • Nurses
  • HCAs
  • Ward Clerk
  • Housekeeping team
  • Site practitioners/trauma coordinators
  • Anesthetic staff
  • Junior Drs
  • Education Leads


Nurse Practitioner Budget Responsibilities

To use ward resources such as dressings and clinical items in a cost effective and responsible manner

Care Group

Nursing structure chart

Head of Nursing,

Ward Matron - (Deputy Head of Nursing),

Ward Sister,

Senior Staff Nurse,

Staff Nurse,


Nurse Practitioner Key Result Areas


  • Carries out a full range of registered nurse duties, including assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the patient’s condition. Maintain the privacy and dignity of all patients whilst adhering to Trust and department policies, reporting any difficulties you have not been able to solve to Ward Matron
  • Maintains a safe environment when caring for patients, including those patients requiring frequent levels of monitoring.
  • Monitors all patient care and treatment, maintaining high standards and quality at all times.
  • Carries out instructions from the nurse in charge and implements treatments ordered by members of the multidisciplinary team.
  • Is able to prioritize nursing care, recognize deterioration in a patient’s condition and escalate to the site team/clinician immediately.
  • Maintains accurate, contemporaneous and legible written records of care.
  • Ensure effective communication with all levels of staff including the whole multidisciplinary team.
  • Under the direction of the Ward Matron, demonstrates clinical skills to pre and post registered nursing staff. Adheres to the agreed procedures as identified, and promotes by example, a high standard of good quality nursing care in the department.
  • Fosters good relationships with other departments, the multidisciplinary team and visitors to the unit. Helps to achieve and maintain high morale for both staff and patients.
  • Participates in the health education and explanation of treatment to patients and relatives

Nurse practitioner

Professional duties

  • Adheres to the Trust Uniform and dress code policy.
  • Personal appearance, hygiene, and attitudes provide patient and/or staff positive assurance.
  • Responsible as a trained nurse for the control and administration of drugs within the regulations outlined in the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS FT Medicine Policy and the NMC and completes the trusts Intravenous and oral drug competency programmes.
  • Participates in and leads ward projects, enhancing the standards of care.
  • Assist in the updating of Professional practice/procedures in line with current research.
  • Help maintain an environment conducive to the allocation of nursing students and other staff in training.
  • Assist in and lead the implementation of national initiatives.
  • Maintain own personal profile.
  • Contribute and participate in the development of nurses and nursing practice across the Trust.
  • Report to the Ward matron accidents/incidents and be aware of the Trust policy for voicing concerns.
  • Patients, visitors and staff are dealt with sensitively and professionally with due regard to ethnic origin, culture, religion and sexual orientation.
  • The dignity of the patient is maintained.
  • The rights of the patient are protected and maintained.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication is maintained with all patients.
  • Optimum use is made of working time.
  • Ensure they meet the requirements for re-validation


Nurse Practitioner Managerial Duties

  • Participates in the management of the ward team including delegation of work on a day to day basis for junior staff.
  • Provide feedback to the Ward Matron on individual staff progression or identify any concerns and document.
  • Be the named nurse responsible on a shift for the continuing care of patients within the unit, ensuring that relevant policies are adhered to and that patients receive all the care/investigations in a timely fashion and to a high level.
  • Is aware of responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act reporting via the appropriate system any faulty or damaged equipment or practices in the ward or department that could be detrimental to the health and safety of patients and staff.
  • Potential hazards in the workplace are recognised and dealt with within own capability or reported promptly as appropriate.
  • Communications are timely, concise and unambiguous in a manner and pace appropriate to the individual’s age and level of understanding.
  • Procedures of the team are anticipated and action additional to own work role undertaken, where appropriate.


Family Nurse Practitioner Job Description

A Family Nurse Practitioner assesses, diagnoses and treats patients on a long-term, ongoing basis. This includes maintaining relationships with patients and individual patient records, performing medical examinations and prescribing medications as well as dealing with chronic or specialized medical issues.

Family Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses with advanced practice and experience, and they work underneath the supervision of physicians. They may work in a variety of settings, including in-home care, universities, hospitals and health clinics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field for registered nurses in general is expected to grow 16 percent over the next ten years, which is much faster than average.


Family Nurse Practitioner Duties and Responsibilities

In order to deliver comprehensive patient care, a Family Nurse Practitioner performs many different tasks. We analyzed job listings for Family Nurse Practitioners in order to identify these core duties and responsibilities.

Collect Patient Information

In order to provide care to new patients, the Family Nurse Practitioner must obtain patient records from previous care facilities and physicians and maintain patient files. They often perform initial physical examinations on new patients in order to collect vital physical information and family medical history details.

Perform Examinations

The Family Nurse Practitioner performs ongoing patient examinations both routine and irregular. They perform specialized examinations for patients with particular concerns, placing orders for diagnostic tests and then interpreting their results. They then record and assess the results of all other patient examinations.

Diagnose Patients

Using their assessment of patient examinations, the Family Nurse Practitioner will diagnose patients. This involves maintaining high levels of medical knowledge and analyzing patient results in the context of a patient’s familial and medical history. They may work in conjunction with physicians and specialized medical professionals in the case of diagnosing more complex health issues.

Recommend Treatment

After submitting their diagnosis, the Family Nurse Practitioner develops and implements a recommended plan of treatment. They must communicate the diagnosis and plan of treatment to the patient and their family and sometimes tailor the treatment to special patient beliefs or preferences. The Family Nurse Practitioner can prescribe medication as well as oversee alternative forms of medical treatment.

Maintain Patient Relationship

Because Family Nurse Practitioners stay with their patients for a long time, if not a lifetime, they must develop and maintain close relationships with their patients. This includes maintaining updated and accurate patient records, overseeing the regular follow-up with patients, quickly and effectively addressing patient concerns and problems and communicating regularly with both the patient and his or her family. The Family Nurse Practitioner may also see multiple members of one family, so developing and maintaining a relationship not just with the patient but also with his or her entire family is important.


Queen Hospital Trust Devon, England

Person specification - Nurse practitioner

Title of post Nurse practitioner - Senior Staff Nurse

Nurse practitioner - Essential Desirable Qualifications

  • Current registration with NMC as a registered nurse
  • Mentorship module
  • ICU Course/Considerable experience & willingness to complete course
  • Management & Leadership Training
  • First Degree


Nurse practitioner - Experience

  • 2 years post registration experience in ITU/HDU
  • Experience of shift management
  • Experience working with complex wound management
  • Experience teaching wound management to junior staff


Nurse practitioner - Knowledge       

  • High level of knowledge of principles of wound healing
  • Knowledge of clinical practice and applicable NICE/DoH guidelines
  • Understanding of and commitment to clinical governance
  • Knowledge of and the commitment to lifetime learning


Nurse practitioner - Skills

  • Leadership skills.
  • Planning, prioritization and organizational skills whilst working as a member of a team.


Nurse practitioner - Attributes

  • Commitment to promoting and sustaining the highest standards of care
  • Mature, confident and flexible approach to work
  • Reliable, tactful, discreet and enthusiastic
  • Empathetic and respectful
  • Evidence of a commitment to personal lifelong learning
  • Commitment to helping provide equitable services for all health service users and staff


Nurse practitioner  - Additional requirements

The ability to work flexibly to meet the requirements of the job role

Nursing Home Details:  Devon, England  Queen Hospital is looking for highly motivated nurses either newly qualified or experienced RGN, RMN or RNLD to work within a beautiful family friendly care home located in Devon, England.

Queen Hospital Devon, England provides tailored support for a range of care needs, including specialist dementia care in safe and comfortable surroundings. The brand-new care home combines the feeling of rural living with the convenience of being part of a thriving local community, offering comfort, reassurance and a true sense of home.

Staff: All staff provides a safe, secure environment that allows our residents as much independence as possible. Staff gets to know each resident personally, to make sure they get the balance between support and independence just right. This provides peace of mind for families and a safe and comfortable home for residents.

Shift Pattern and Salary: The home can be very accommodating with shifts offering full time and part time, days and nights depending on your preference, the home can also look at fixed shifts in certain circumstances, shifts are usually start 8/8. Salaries are usually in line or higher than NHS and can be negotiable dependent on experience.

Employee Benefits:


  • Huge salary
  • Comprehensive training scheme - all statutory training plus specific training as per the needs of your role e.g. Medication Management, Tissue Viability, Wound Care, Dementia Care
  • Development programmes and studying to help you progress your career and skills
  • Opportunities for progression within the company
  • Reimbursement for the cost of your NMC Pin renewal fee *120 per year
  • Free DBS
  • Recognized qualifications awarded
  • Thorough review and feedback programme
  • Offers, discounts and savings for various shops and online retailers
  • Cash back on your online purchases
  • Vouchers for spas, gyms, cinema, bowling, golf, restaurants, holidays and many more
  • Free eye test and savings on optical care
  • Employee assistance programme - access to counseling and legal services 24/7
  • Indemnity insurance for all nurses
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Relocation package available for those relocating within the UK - decided on individual basis
  • Free uniform
  • Free parking
  • So Much More


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Nurse practitioner Jobs in Devon, England Hospital near Me and You - Salary 4800 GBP per Month – Devon, England Hospital Hiring Today


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