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Project Director Job in Dubai, UAE

Project Director Job in Dubai


The Role

Job Reference number: 778519

Our Client which is an international company Looking for Project Director who will be based in UAE.


Provides overall direction and management of construction of the project, monitors on-schedule completion within or below budget in accordance with contractual obligations; and monitors risks/problems and helps develop options to resolve. The Project Manager is responsible to monitor scope development, scope management and commercial performance of the project to meet project goals and objectives. Assists to plan and define program goals; and methods to accomplish them; represents the client’s interests.

Project Director
Project Director

Job Responsibilities


  • Helps represent the interests of the client during construction execution. Support Client in negotiating changes to the scope of work.
  • Responsible for following up on instructions and commitments associated with the project.
  • Participates in negotiations with regulatory agencies and in public meetings in support of clients’ interests.
  • Oversees establishment of Project Execution Plan, Health and Safety Plan, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan, and other documents required from the construction contractor.
  • Establishes the program requirements for all areas of the project, and monitors the final deliverables for adherence to these criteria.
  • Responsible for the development and distribution of a description of the project.
  • With the REs, monitors the execution of the technical, financial and administrative functions of the construction contract.
  • Assigns responsibility for executing project plans to key subordinates after careful assessment of how to utilize their qualifications and strengths.
  • Provides input to performance reviews and development plans for subordinates.
  • Identifies the needs for specialist resources to create project teams capable of completing effective, quality work.
  • Discusses the qualifications required of the key project positions in specific detail with the senior managers.
  • Collaborates with the office facilities staff to address project space requirements.
  • Works with the client, the contractor, other managers, project engineers, and discipline leads to coordinate budgets, schedules, and plans for the various elements of a project.
  • Works with the key project and construction contractor individuals to monitor action plans to rectify potential construction cost overruns or delays, or to accommodate significant changes to the scope of work.
  • Advises the client and other team members of any such changes.
  • Promotes technical and commercial excellence on the project through application of Quality Assurance processes.
  • Monitors and reports on the progress of all project activity including significant milestones, and any conditions, which would affect project cost or schedule.
  • Establishes weekly meeting to review project status and formulate action items.
  • Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.
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Desired Qualification/Experience:


  • Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, Construction or related field and 15 years of related work experience working on infrastructure projects.
  • Incumbent should have a broad general technical and business background.
  • Professional registration may also be required.
  • Dubai-UAE experience is preferred.




  • Proven ability to perform in a management capacity.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills and a thorough knowledge of industry practices and regulations are also required.
  • In addition, must be knowledgeable of current technology and how it can be effectively utilized on the project.

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