Psychology Jobs in Rio de Janeiro City Psychology and Behavioral Health Clinic

Psychology Jobs in City Psychology and Behavioral Health Clinic - Rio de Janeiro,

Salary 5800 USD to 6600 USD per Month!


Most Popular Psychology Jobs Vacancies Open in Rio de Janeiro Hiring Today Salary 5800 USD to 6600 USD per Month


Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. The psychologist is devoted to the study of the human mind and behavior. Jobs in psychology demand advanced training and degrees.

Psychology career opportunities to facilitate patient treatment and conduct research. Learn more and join us for top jobs in psychology! Our Vision & Mission is simple! A patient care, research, and training in psychiatry are our priorities.


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Department of Psychiatry - Rio de Janeiro

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City Psychology and Behavioral Health Clinic - Rio de Janeiro

City Psychology and Behavioral Health Clinic is a comprehensive network located throughout the city Health System. Through dynamic integration of clinical care, cutting-edge science, and education, the department delivers expert care for adult, adolescent, and pediatric patients with a range of mental health conditions. From addiction to schizophrenia, Our Department of Behavioral Health provides psychiatric treatment via an array of specialized programs and services, all listed below.

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Offering comprehensive care for patients who struggle with addiction or substance abuse

ADHD and Learning Disorders

A partnership between science and clinical practice enables our experts to provide high-quality care to patients with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder and other learning disorders

Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health

Outstanding clinical services available in Rio de Janeiro to meet the full range of mental health needs for children and adolescents

Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder

Offering relief for those suffering from mood disorders including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Center of Excellence for Eating and Weight Disorders

Individualized treatment plans for patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and obesity in Rio de Janeiro.

Geriatric Psychiatry

Meeting the therapeutic needs of aging patients in  Rio de Janeiro with compassion as aging affects the nervous system or causes mental health problems

Neuro psychological Testing and Evaluation in Rio de Janeiro

Specializing in evaluating and treating children and adults with a variety of cognitive concerns and learning disorders

OCD, Tic Disorders, and Tourette's Disorder

Providing individualized treatment in Rio de Janeiro across lifespans for those affected by OCD, tics, and Tourette's disorder via evidence-based therapy and medication

Personality Disorders

A center in Rio de Janeiro dedicated to the intensive treatment of personality disorders

Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders

Providing the highest level of care through inpatient and outpatient interventions for patients with schizophrenia and psychotic disorders in Rio de Janeiro.

Women’s Mental Health

A group of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers who care for women struggling with mental health during pregnancy or postpartum is available 24/7 for the citizens of Rio de Janeiro.

Vision & Mission!

A patient care, research, and training in psychiatry are our priorities.

Clinical Psychologist

Job Description

Provision of psychological services within the interdisciplinary team on inpatient psychiatric unit in Rio de Janeiro.

Specific Responsibilities:

-Psychiatric/psychological screening and assessment of patients

-Individual psychotherapy and psychoeducation

-Group psychotherapy and psychoeducation

-Participation in program development and evaluation activities

-Attendance at required departmental, division, and unit meetings and training seminars

-Supervision of psychology interns and externals

-Completion of all required documentation

-Interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination

-Family psychotherapy and psycho-education.

-Psychological testing

-Participation in the therapeutic milieu

-Carrying patient caseload as a primary therapist

-Must have a doctoral degree in psychology

-Must have a psychologist license

-Minimum 2 years clinical experience with a psychiatric population in Rio de Janeiro.


  1. Offered Plans
  2. Health Coverage
  3. Recreation
  4. Wellness Programs
  5.  Free Residence in Rio de Janeiro


Offered Plans

Medical/Prescription Drug Coverage
Dental and Vision Coverage
Disability Plans
Pre-Tax Reimbursement Accounts (for dependent care, health care, and commuting expenses)
Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
COBRA (Continuation of Benefits)

Health Coverage in Rio de Janeiro

Health Coverage: Offered to our eligible non-union employees, our benefits program provides a breadth of options so our employees can choose what coverage levels and benefits best meet their needs. Union employees receive benefits according to their collective bargaining agreement.


Work/Life Balance: Paid holidays, vacation, leaves of absence, and more are at your disposal when you need some time to unwind and bear the fruits of your labor. New York City affords extraordinary opportunities for exploring your interests, whatever they may be. The Mount Sinai Recreation Office is dedicated to helping our employees make the most of these opportunities, including obtaining discount tickets to shows, concerts, movies, and other events.

Wellness Programs

Health and Wellness Programs: Our Mount Sinai Parent (MSP) program is dedicated to helping our faculty and staff make their "24-hour job" a little more manageable. Mount Sinai also offers mindfulness sessions where you can learn simple, practical techniques to help you better handle the stresses in your life.

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